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                                                           TOPIC: KNOW WHAT GOD WANTS

Memory verse:-
"They built the altar of burnt offering of acacia wood, three cubits high; it was square, five cubits long and five cubits wide. They made a horn at each of the four corners, so that the horns and the altar were of one piece, and they overlaid the altar with bronze. They made all its utensils of bronze—its pots, shovels, sprinkling bowls, meat forks and fire pans. They made a grating for the altar, a bronze network, to be under its ledge, halfway up the altar. They cast bronze rings to hold the poles for the four corners of the bronze grating. They made the poles of acacia wood and overlaid them with bronze. They inserted the poles into the rings so they would be on the sides of the altar for carrying it. They made it hollow, out of boards.
They made the bronze basin and its bronze stand from the mirrors of the women who served at the entrance to the tent of meeting. Next they made the courtyard. The south side was a hundred cubits long and had curtains of finely twisted linen, with twenty posts and twenty bronze bases, and with silver hooks and bands on the posts. The north side was also a hundred cubits long and had twenty posts and twenty bronze bases, with silver hooks and bands on the posts. The west end was fifty cubits wide and had curtains, with ten posts and ten bases, with silver hooks and bands on the posts. The east end, toward the sunrise, was also fifty cubits wide. Curtains fifteen cubits long were on one side of the entrance, with three posts and three bases, and curtains fifteen cubits long were on the other side of the entrance to the courtyard, with three posts and three bases. All the curtains around the courtyard were of finely twisted linen. The bases for the posts were bronze. The hooks and bands on the posts were silver, and their tops were overlaid with silver; so all the posts of the courtyard had silver bands.”
                                                                                                          -Exod. 38:1-17
God ordered the worker to use gold, silver, bronze, wood, fine linen, et cetera and each for a specific thing and purpose. The Lord God does not do things anyhow He has reason for every move that He takes. That is why it is dangerous to trust too much in our suggestions, thought, and feelings when walking with God. We ought to do what He says and do it in the way that He wants it without adding our suggestion, thoughts and feelings to it. That is our reverence to God and our faith in Christ Jesus.
Prayer:-pray for obedience and being focus in your Christian life
              pray that you will not be influenced by your/people’s suggestion, thoughts and feeling against the knowledge and
              wisdom/ directions of God
What to meditate on:
What is faith and works?
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