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                            CHINA FOR JESUS ANAGKAZO
We will be touring most provinces in China. Last year by the grace of God, our evangelism team was able to speed the gospel in some parts of China but this year, the evangelism ministry is determine to go to about 5-6 provinces in China. We will establish recruitment's and training centers for missions. The team will have a one-on-one meeting with individuals, organize crusades, workshops and partnering with churches whose vision and mission are align with the ministry and to encourage other churches to arouse the zeal for the passion for lost souls which concise with our mission and vision,therefore souls won through partnering would be given to the verious churchs to shepherd.


The Speaking Evangelist for this mission will be Evang. George Abraham Menne. Evang. George Abraham has preached the gospel and ministered in nearly 8 Countries, He has led countless thousands to Christ. His winsome way and fun style endear his audiences to him. Come join the ministry and fun of this mission to China.



The ministry needs $1500 per head to emback on this MISSION.




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