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                                                                    TOPIC: JUDGMENT DAY
 Memory verse:-"This is a day you are to commemorate; for the generations to come you shall celebrate
                      it as a festival to the Lord—a lasting ordinance. For seven days you are to eat bread
                      made without yeast. On the first day remove the yeast from your houses, for whoever
                      eats anything with yeast in it from the first day through the seventh must be cut off from
                      Israel. On the first day hold a sacred assembly, and another one on the seventh day.
                      Do no work at all on these days, except to prepare food for everyone to eat—that is all
                      you may do.
                    "Celebrate the Feast of Unleavened Bread, because it was on this very day that I
                      brought your divisions out of Egypt. Celebrate this day as a lasting ordinance for the
                      generations to come. In the first month you are to eat bread made without yeast, from
                      the evening of the fourteenth day until the evening of the twenty-first day. For seven
                      days no yeast is to be found in your houses. And whoever eats anything with yeast in it
                      must be cut off from the community of Israel, whether he is an alien or native-born.
                      Eat nothing made with yeast. Wherever you live, you must eat unleavened bread.”
                      Then Moses summoned all the elders of Israel and said to them, "Go at once and
                      select the animals for your families and slaughter the Passover lamb. Take a bunch of
                      hyssop, dip it into the blood in the basin and put some of the blood on the top and on
                      both sides of the doorframe. Not one of you shall go out the door of his house until
                      morning. When the Lord goes through the land to strike down the Egyptians, he will
                      see the blood on the top and sides of the doorframe and will pass over that doorway,
                      and he will not permit the destroyer to enter your houses and strike you down. "Obey
                      these instructions as a lasting ordinance for you and your descendants. When you enter
                      the land that the Lord will give you as he promised, observe this ceremony. And when
                      your children ask you, ‘What does this ceremony mean to you?’ then tell them, ‘It is
                      the Passover sacrifice to the Lord, who passed over the houses of the Israelites in
                      Egypt and spared our homes when he struck down the Egyptians.’” Then the people
                      bowed down and worshiped. The Israelites did just what the Lord commanded
                      Moses and Aaron.
                      At midnight the Lord struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of
                      Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the
                      dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well. Pharaoh and all his officials and
                      all the Egyptians got up during the night, and there was loud wailing in Egypt, for there
                      was not a house without someone dead.”
                                                                                                                             -Exod. 12:14-30
The day of the Passover was a day of great liberation and joy for the Israelites, a nation that God chose for Himself. The same day was a day of lamentation, great sorrow and bitterness for the Egyptians, a nation that stood in opposition to the Israelites. The same will happen on that fateful day when Christ will return unto the earth. His children will rejoice but the unbelievers will go through great bitterness and pain. When you remember the Passover always remember the judgment day to come.
Prayer:-pray for living a righteous life and for all sinners
              pray that nothing may take you from your faith in Christ
What to meditate on:
How do you picture the judgment day in your mind?
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