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Fire Global Outreach Ministry with its vision to mobilize the youth to reach out to the unreached communities, people and groups across the globe through missions, evangelism, job creation etc in order to fulfill the Great commission has since its arrival in China reached out to various Chinese and other nationals in its bid to win and revive souls for Christ. The ministry was established in 2008 by Evangelist George Abraham Menne who happens to be founder and leader of the FGOM worldwide and has overseen all the activities of the ministry.


For more than 13 years in the ministry, I have had the chance to evangelize in countries like Ghana, Egypt, Libya, Macau and China etc.  As for my ministry, I believe I have grown a lot and have received many blessings and for every time, God uses me in no small ways.


After the Lord moved to establish Fire Global Outreach Ministry which is a non-denominational outreach organization established with the aim of mobilizing the youth and reaching out to un-reached communities, people and individuals across the globe.


I realize the importance of systematically building up one’s knowledge and truth of what evangelism is and why we need to Evangelize.


1.     We need to INSPIRE

2.     We have to be EQUIPED and

3.     We have to be FULFILLING.

It is our vision to Inspire and Equip Christians in Fulfilling the Great Commission. Our mission is to accomplish this through training and evangelism outreaches and all of our unique tracts and other evangelism resources. Inspire, Equip, and Fulfill. The call for evangelism is clear. Have you answered that call?

I have had an indescribable feeling to set up an Evangelism Training Institution to help educate the youth about evangelism before they lunch out to win and revive the lost souls for Christ.

Over the years, we train people for free in various homes but by the grace of God we are planning of acquiring a place of our own in countries like China were we are now based, Ghana, Macau, Thailand and other countries we will be visiting soon.

Admission will be free of charge and people we train will be sent to various provinces and cities. Fire Global will also be organizing seminars and bible teaching at centers that will set up during our outreach programs. Activities like distribution of bibles to new converts, tracts and other evangelism resources begun a year ago and we are looking forward expand it.

I feel deeply in me that God is going to equip the Chinese churches in a special way and that Our Evangelism Institute will be used and blessed by God in a bigger way. In the years ahead, the institute will not only equip more workers for evangelism but it will also equip the Chinese House Churches, it will also impart awareness to contemporary Chinese churches regarding evangelism and theological education. By this new milestone in theological education, House Churches will be led into more effective equipping and their workers prepared for future commissioning.

Rev. Abraham George Menne.


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