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                                                       TOPIC:  WHOM WILL YOU SERVE?

Memory verse- "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”
                                                                                        -Gen. 1:1


God is the creator of all things including us, human beings. It is not proper and as such sin to serve a created thing and
not to serve the creator. Choose this day who you will serve either the creator or his creation. If you choose to serve the creator then let your actions show that you are on the Lord’s side. We need to avoid "lip service” to God and ensure that
all our life is for the Lord.


Prayer: -pray that God will give you the strength to serve him well.

             -pray that God will give others the wisdom to choose the creator and not his creation and serve him.


What to meditate on:

If you were the creator of human beings what would be your feelings about the worship of idols,

lesbianism, and same sex marriage?

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