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More than half of the world’s entire population believes in God, and everyone who believes in God prays, though,
in different forms. This does not mean that God hears and answers all prayer; he only answers prayer that is
done in Jesus’ name. So goes Jesus’ assertion that, "…the father will give you whatever you ask in my name”-John
15:16; Philippians 2:9-11.

Prayer is not just a communication or making demands, but it is an expression of our relationship with God, our
heavenly father, and our seriousness and hope in Christ Jesus. Prayer does all things except the things we doubt
to happen. God remains silent when we do not pray, and temptation and troubles come as a result. God is always
sovereign, and he permits us to pray so that through our prayer he will show himself strong. A prayerful Christian
is powerful and prevails over troubles but a prayer-less Christian is powerless and stagnant. Also a nation on
knees (prayer) is safer than a nation on physical weapons.
When you pray have faith that the Lord you are praying to is a prayer answering God. As such he is able to fulfill
your expectation. Remember, the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off. We, Christians, are serving a
loving, compassionate and faithful God. He can not disappoint us. The Lord cherishes our prayers because it is
incense burning before him but a prayer without faith is as good as nothing. Prayer without faith is an action
everybody can do but prayer with faith is a spiritual exercise. God is supreme and no one decides or dictates to
him thus he has chosen to operate on the prayers of his saints. However, when prayer goes up God begins to
release blessing to his Children and burden on those who are demonically influenced to fight against God and his
Children. If so, then Christians, let God arise and his enemies be in trouble.
It is written that, "The end of all things is near, therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can
pray”-1 Peter 4:7. Note from the scripture; be clear minded, and be self-controlled, the two are to help us stay
in tune with our God so as to devoid any prayer hindrances. For marriage couples, the Apostle Peter taught that
there should be respect between them so that the prayers of, especially, the husband can not be hindered
(1 Peter 3:7).
Praying in spirit has become one of the controversial issues in Christianity. Apostle Paul said that, "we do not
know how we ought to pray, but through our inarticulate groans the Spirit himself is pleading for us and God
who searches our inmost being knows what the Spirit means because he pleads for God’s people in God’s own
way-Romans 8:26-27.
If God has a way in which the Spirit prays then we need to at all cost pray in the spirit. Praying in spirit is not a
religious fashion where Christian people think every Christian must have. It is a spiritual language and only God to
whom we pray understands that language. When we pray in the spirit the devil becomes confuse because he
knows it but does not understand. May God the giver of life give us the strength in prayer and all the blessings
there of. Amen.
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