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                                                                TOPIC: THE REJECTED STONE
 Memory verse:-"When Jacob learned that there was grain in Egypt, he said to his sons, "Why do you
                     just keep looking at each other?” He continued, "I have heard that there is grain in
                     Egypt. Go down there and buy some for us, so that we may live and not die.” Then ten
                     of Joseph’s brothers went down to buy grain from Egypt. But Jacob did not send
                     Benjamin, Joseph’s brother, with the others, because he was afraid that harm might
                     come to him. So Israel’s sons were among those who went to buy grain, for the famine
                     was in the land of Canaan also.
                     Now Joseph was the governor of the land, the one who sold grain to all its people. So
                     when Joseph’s brothers arrived, they bowed down to him with their faces to the ground.
                     As soon as Joseph saw his brothers, he recognized them, but he pretended to be a
                     stranger and spoke harshly to them. "Where do you come from?” he asked. "From the
                     land of Canaan,” they replied, "to buy food.” Although Joseph recognized his brothers,
                     they did not recognize him. Then he remembered his dreams about them and said to
                     them, "You are spies! You have come to see where our land is unprotected.”       
                                                                                                                                  -Gen. 42:1-9
Joseph’s life reflects the life of Christ Jesus, the stone that the builders rejected who then became the cap stone. Such is life if you are destined to stand tall and you are on the Lord’s side nothing can stop you. Joseph went through hell like Joseph yet they did not stop there, the sufferings and the troubles were shaping their success and destiny.
What you are going through does not mean it is over, all is well with you. The Lord Jesus has experienced what you are experiencing now that is why he is and will be able to feel your pain so as to bring the best out of your situation. Indeed! All is to your glory not for your shame or disgrace, Christ Jesus is the hope that never put to shame.
Prayer:-pray for courage and patience that Jesus and Joseph had
             Thank God that He is doing something great in your life by faith
What to meditate on:
Can your situation now send you to hell and what are you doing to glorify God with your situation?
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