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                                   TOPIC: YOUR GAIN IS LIKE HONEY WITH HIGH ATTRACTION
 Memory verse:-"Jacob heard that Laban’s sons were saying, "Jacob has taken everything our father
                     owned and has gained all this wealth from what belonged to our father.” And Jacob
                     noticed that Laban’s attitude toward him was not what it had been.
                     Then the Lord said to Jacob, "Go back to the land of your fathers and to your relatives,
                     and I will be with you.” So Jacob sent word to Rachel and Leah to come out to the
                     fields where his flocks were. He said to them, "I see that your father’s attitude toward
                     me is not what it was before, but the God of my father has been with me. You know
                     that I’ve worked for your father with all my strength, yet your father has cheated me by
                     changing my wages ten times. However, God has not allowed him to harm me.
                     If he said, ‘The speckled ones will be your wages,’ then all the flocks gave birth to
                     speckled young; and if he said, ‘The streaked ones will be your wages,’ then all the
                     flocks bore streaked young. So God has taken away your father’s livestock and has
                     given them to me.”
                                                                                                                                -Gen. 31:1-9
It seems it has been a tradition of every family or tribe, when help is needed no one or very few people will show up but when it is time for enjoying benefits that where many people will do anything and everything to get a share. That is the picture we see from the scripture above, we did not heard much about Laban sons till now. When they should have taken care of their father’s flock Rachel (Gen.29:10-14) was the one shepherding the father’s flock. When Jacob took over from her, he went through the hot sun and cold weather (that is difficulties) no son of Laban was seen helping him. Now they have seen fruitfulness of Jacob labor and they want to fight him. The sons’ attitude arouse in Laban envy. Thus Laban begun to change his nice attitude towards Jacob, he (Jacob) suffered and labored to bring home profit and now he has to suffer envy for the profit too.
Such is life, remember, you have no or few friends and helpers in times of your difficulties but when your story change for better that is where you have many friends yet many critics, backbiters and haters. No one sees you pain today but people will definitely see you gain, such is life!
Prayer:-pray for the spirit of persistence
             pray against envy
What to meditate on:
Looking at the lesson for today, why is life like that?
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